Welcome to Yoga Farm!

I bought this property knowing I wanted to do something cool with it. The house was once home to a local artist who had a viceroy studio art gallery. I’ve turned this studio into a pretty rad yoga space.

Moving to North Bay initiated a lot of changes for me and provided some good doses of reality. It’s a big, small town and I had a hard time finding my community. I decided to make my own community and combine all my favourite things (nature, yoga, gardening, & chickens) into one vision: Yoga Farm.

When you come to Yoga Farm, you’ll notice that I don’t carry a class in a typical manner. I enjoy wrapping sequences backwards and forwards, face all angles and sides of a mat, and throw in the odd curve ball and bad joke. I think us adults have become nervously attached to routine and predictability, so I work a lot on feeling yoga, not doing yoga. I’m naturally a curious, sincere, sh!t disturber.

The classes are intended to challenge you because on the other side of those walls we’ve created, is a lot of freedom.

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) (350hrs) with Canadian Yoga Alliance

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Erika Lougheed

958 Highway 94

Corbeil, ON